Game 4

The bandits are hard at work on their next full game! We now both have full-time day jobs, but we’re still making more games.

More info coming soon! 🙂


  1. Ruby Bush says:

    I really do like your games.

    • Code Bandit says:

      Thanks Ruby, we look forward to making many more! 🙂

  2. Bre says:

    Just wanted to say I love you games and looking forward to more!!! 🙂

  3. Morgan says:

    I absolutely love your games! I can’t wait to play the next one. Is there an ETA on release date? Or even a ball-parked month and year?

    Is there somewhere we can send messages about ideas for features, fan art, or other things? (If doing so is acceptable).

    Thanks for your fun word games!

    • Code Bandit says:

      Thanks Morgan! We are working on more games, but as we’re part-time (evenings and weekends) and there’s only two of us, progress is slow. At this time I don’t have an estimate as to when our next game will be released.

      I also emailed you, feel free to reply to it. Cheers!

  4. Dean says:

    Hi bacon bandits! Just wanted to say something,I got other it helps me a lot and I really enjoy 2 of the little weapons hope you make another brilliant game and see you later bye!!!!*pika!*

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