Evolution of Grimm

While Code Bandit is getting our Demo for Letter Quest ready, I thought that I would share the progression our hero Grimm has made.

Grimm Evolution

E:  Is what you’ll be seeing in the demo version. I felt he was lacking something. And with that in mind F was born. Once he’s completed and Code Bandit has him in game I’m sure you’ll all be very happy with him.

A: This is the very first drawing I did of Grimm, more of a classic reaper, minus the jaw, I thought he looked less scary without it.

B: Those following the blog will recognize him from a few short animation tests I did. I found this design too limiting and so explored other options.

C: Was very short lived, this one was a bit too creepy. But I liked the idea of long lanky legs kinda like Jack Skeleton. I also was keeping with the jeans and hoodie look.

D: After tweaking the scary Grimm I thought this Grimm had it all. Nice long limbs for some dramatic animation and strong silhouettes . The one big drawback with this design was that we wanted the enemies to feel more impressive beside him. So in the end he ended up just being too tall.

E: After going back to the drawing board I wanted to make Grimm cute and appealing and yet still recognizable as a grim reaper.  Surprisingly this is reminiscent of the very first drawing of Grimm. The one thing I really liked about this look is his face being hidden.

F: This look has it all. He’s cute, cuddly and ready to clean up some lost souls. I kept his face hidden and added a glow to the eyes. I also made his hood longer and hang down instead of up like in E, this also allowed me to work a skull back into his design. His outfit isn’t so simple either, now with a belt. This serves two purposes. One, it breaks up the all the blue in the body, and two, it serves as a nice place to hide where the upper and lower body meet.

Back to the frying pan

Art Bandit

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