Steam Greenlight Submission!

Yesterday (April 11, 2014) we added Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey to Steam Greenlight‘s voting system. We’re hoping that it gets greenlit, as we think that Letter Quest would be a great game on Steam. We’ve had a ton of players asking for a desktop version for several months, and this would certainly help us get there!

If you’d like to help us out, vote “yes” by clicking the link below. Thank you so much!

Creating the Greenlight page was actually pretty straightforward, although it was a huge amount of work. We recently redesigned the entire UI in Letter Quest, partly because we wanted to improve on how it looked before, and also because we really wanted the game to shine on the Greenlight page. We also created a new trailer for Greenlight, with the Greenlight logo at the end. And then we wrote the description for the Greenlight page, which went through about a dozen revisions and took far too long!

We’ve been live on Greenlight for about 16 hours now, and here’s our current stats:


It’s hard not to get addicted to refreshing that page to see the changes. So far I’m doing well, probably because I’m too busy with the overwhelming amount of work that’s still remaining with getting Letter Quest on Amazon Apps, PC/Mac, the Mac App Store, finishing the new update, etc. Ah, the life of an indie!

I’ll try to post some update posts every day or two with our progress on Steam Greenlight, and any tips/tricks that I figure out along the way! For now I leave you with this excellent article from Tuts+ about getting onto Steam Greenlight. Honestly everyone should read all of their articles as there’s some great info in them!

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