Introducing Rose!

As we finally get ready to release our huge v1.1.1 mega-update for Letter Quest, we thought it would be a good time to formally introduce Rose, our second playable character.

Rose joins Grimm as another Reaper attempting to help clean up the ghost problem that they seem to be having. She has her own custom weapon, which provides a bonus to max health. She also has different starting stats than Grimm: she starts with a bit less health and critical damage bonus, but she starts with more armor/defense, a bonus to how much health each health potion restores, and has a higher chance of getting a critical attack and dodging attacks.

We’re excited to add Rose to the Reaper family, look forward to playing as her when the new update hits the App Store and Google Play (and of course she’ll also be in the desktop version).

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  1. Mel says:

    Awesome! Glad you ditched the heart in her scythe. Also, thanks for NOT making her pink!!!

    BTW, what’s the word on the ghost doggie (mentioned in previous blog)? What’s his/her name going to be? How about Thorny (i.e. Rose’s dog Thorny)? Or maybe Styx (after the River Styx from Greek mythology… Ya know, to go along w/ the Grim Reaper theme…) I’m sure others could suggest more creative names….

    Also, When’s the release for iOS?

  2. Code Bandit says:

    Hi Mel,

    We definitely wanted to avoid making Grimm blue and then have a pink girl character, that’s so overdone! 😉

    The ghost dog is currently on hold due to time restrictions. There were a bunch of technical issues with having another character along with Rose, so for now the dog is taking a vacation. We’ll hopefully be able to revisit it sometime though!

    The iOS release is “as soon as Apple approves it”, it’s been waiting for an Apple review for several days. Hopefully by the weekend! 🙂

    • Mel says:

      Thanks for the response!! I can’t wait for the newest release–and then the one after that!! Lol.

      Thanks for all your hard work. It must be rewarding to see the creations you’ve imagined “come to life” and be out there for all to enjoy!! 🙂

      Btw, you guys should sell some tshirts or something on your website! (Bobble-head Grimm? Stuffed animals of Little Orphan Granny and Lil Boo. Lol!)

      Thanks again!!

      • Code Bandit says:

        The new update is now live on the App Store! Enjoy!

        And it is really rewarding to hear from people that have played and love Letter Quest. The most awesome thing is when people tell us that they’ve played the game for over 50 hours – we grew up playing videogames, so to have people loving a game that we made that much…well, that’s just so cool for us!

        And we would love to sell t-shirts, plushies of Grimm and Rose, stickers, etc. We just need the time to figure all that out, we need to make copies of ourselves to help out! 😉

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