Letter Quest now available on Amazon Appstore for Android!

As many of you are well aware, we’ve been having quite a bit of problems with bringing Letter Quest out worldwide on Google Play. The trouble is how Google handles taxes on app sales…or rather, how they don’t really handle them at all! They forward the tax on to us, and then we’re responsible for squaring things up with every single country’s tax authority at year end, which is a nightmare!

Recently we started looking into Amazon Apps. Turns out they handle taxes in a much more straight-forward way: they collect the income, taxes, etc. from sales and handle it all internally, and then send us money as US income. This is much easier for us to deal with, because all we need to do is fill out a W-8BEN, which stops Amazon from having to send 30% of everything we make to the IRS. We provide them with our EIN, and that’s it, good to go! We do have to settle up with the IRS once a year for our year-end, but that’s pretty minor (and why we have an accountant!).

Now that we got that out of the way…the great news: Letter Quest is now available worldwide on the Amazon Appstore. So for all of the Android players that have been wanting the game, now you can download it through Amazon Appstore!

The game is $2.99 on Amazon Apps, and has no ads and no IAP (in-app purchases). It includes the in-app purchasable content (second character, all weapons, all custom letter tiles) from the App Store/Google Play version.

We hope that everyone can now finally get a chance to play Letter Quest! Please help us out by spreading the word, and if you have a spare moment after purchasing the game, consider leaving a review. Have fun!



  1. Mel says:

    Ah, you now know WAY more than you ever wanted to about the United States tax system! Thank god for accountants! I think the 6th ring of Dante’s Inferno is me trying to do my taxes. I think I would rather have my fingernails peeled off!!

    • Code Bandit says:

      Any knowledge of US taxes seems like too much for me to have to know 😉

      I don’t even know where to start with corporate taxes for year end, so glad to have an accountant for that!

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