Exporting Your Best Word as an Image

For quite a while now, we’ve had the ability to export a picture after a battle in Letter Quest on mobile, and post it to twitter. Each image features the best word that was spelled, the damage it did, the character you played as with the weapon and letter tiles you were using, and the stage background and monster you were fighting. People really seemed to enjoy this feature, and we were happy with it.

Now that Letter Quest is also on desktop, we wanted a way for players to export their best word as an image, even though we’re not using twitter on desktop (if someone has a nice solution for integrating twitter into a desktop game, we’d love to hear it!). So we simply added a button at the end of each battle, and it lets you save an image of your best word. You can then post it anywhere you like – facebook, twitter, your own site/article, anywhere!

Here’s what it looks like after a battle:


And here’s a couple examples of some exported images:



This functionality will be in the final release of Letter Quest, which is currently available in early access – and every early access copy will be upgraded to the final version for free when it’s available. 🙂

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