Opening Steam to a Greenlight Page (Easier Voting!)

We’ve had Letter Quest on Steam Greenlight since April 11, 2014. Once you get taken off the front page of Greenlight, you’re on your own for trying to get people to go there and vote…it’s really difficult!

The Newgrounds demo that we recently posted has helped out a lot – we’ve gone from getting around 10 “yes” votes a day on Greenlight, to around 40! That’s a huge jump, since the only thing that changed was the Newgrounds demo.

One thing that is very difficult is actually getting people to vote – it’s tricky because most people don’t ever log into Steam in their web browser, instead they are actually logged in to Steam. This tip is absolutely not my own – it’s from a wonderful Gamasutra article. You can see the tip at the bottom of the article, where it says “Update:”. The original person that created this solution is the developer of Black Annex, and you can see his post here.

Here’s the summary: if you want more votes on Steam, you need to make it easier to vote. The easiest way for most people is to vote in the Steam app. So you create a special link that opens Steam directly to a Greenlight page, here’s how:

You first create a tiny php file containing the following code:

<?php header('Location: steam://url/CommunityFilePage/248089760'); ?>

Where “248089760” is the ID of your Greenlight page.

Then you simply point people to your php file in a browser, and it will open Steam to your Greenlight page!

One thing you can do to make this cleaner is to create a URL that redirects to your php file, we used (try clicking it if you have Steam running on your computer!), which looks a lot more friendly. Also, it’s nice because our main page for Letter Quest is at, so most people tend to trust that greenlight link more because it’s on a recognized domain name.

Good luck on Greenlight everyone! We’re currently 45% of the way to the top 100 – it’s a lot of work but we’re hoping we’ll eventually get approved!

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