Choose Your Words Carefully (Part 2)

Last time I talked about how important the wording of your “buy now” button can be. Today’s post is similar – it’s a quick tip about how it’s very important to pay close attention to the wording you choose to use on a game’s landing page!

When designing the Letter Quest landing page, we tried our best to follow the tips outlined in Emmy Jonassen’s wonderful landing page design post – thank you so much for posting that Emmy! One thing the article doesn’t talk about though, is how to word the various parts of your landing page.

We started selling early access versions of Letter Quest on July 1, 2014. And in three days, we had three different people ask the same question – “if I buy the early access version, does that include the final version too?”. We were a bit put off by the question at first, thinking “wow, we’d be some really evil devs if it didn’t include the final version, does anyone actually do that?”.

A quick read of the text beside our Humble widget pointed out the problem. At the time, the first bullet point beside the widget read:

Includes early access to Letter Quest on PC

Hmm, no wonder people were confused – we didn’t actually outright say anything about it including the full version. We assumed that was a given, but we then realized that, in a time when many devs try to nickel-and-dime players in any way possible, we shouldn’t assume anything.

So we updated the wording to:

Includes early access to Letter Quest on PC now, and the full game when it’s done

Much better! No confusion there! We also mention that it includes a Steam key if/when we get onto Steam via Greenlight.

So please do be very careful about your wording when you’re trying to sell something! Cheers!

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