Letter Quest PC and Mac Changes

As most of you are already aware, Letter Quest started off as a mobile game. We have had plans on making it a desktop game since the beginning, but started with the mobile version since we could complete it more quickly.

Many people have been asking what changes we made for the desktop version, so we decided to share the full list of changes…be warned, this is a huge list!!

  • Added proper resolution support
  • Added incredibly high resolution textures (that look fantastic even on a 4K monitor!)
  • Added 3 save slots so that multiple people can play on one copy of the game
  • Added an entirely new “expert mode” that changes a bunch of things in the game, and is incredibly difficult, which a lot of players asked for
  • Added 7 (technically 8, but that’s a secret, shhh!) story comics to help explain Grimm’s journey
  • Added key bindings (this isn’t really feature-worthy, but is worth mentioning since a lot of so-called “mobile ports” don’t even bother, which we think is ridiculous!)
  • Rebalanced the entire game to be feel a lot better since there are no in-app purchases or gem doubler available
  • Tweaked the difficulty of most stages, monsters, and challenges
  • Reworked the entire game UI, including a lot of custom UI (in battle the entire UI is changed, with a lot more details visible like your best words, previous word, monster details, etc.), and we actually had to go through and resize every bit of UI by certain amounts because unlike some cheaply-done mobile ports, we realized that simply scaling a mobile game up to desktop resolutions would make all of the UI huge and awful…so a good 95% of the UI was scaled down by various amounts for the desktop version
  • Created a whole new map that has distinct areas
  • Created 4 additional sets of background art, one per area (the mobile version only had the one set of bg art for the whole game, the haunted house)
  • Added 4 additional music tracks, one per area (the mobile version only had one song for all stages)
  • Included the entire soundtrack with every purchase, along with custom front and back cover art, and custom disc art that is printable in case you want to make up your own Letter Quest music CD
  • Added 4 high resolution 2560×1440 desktop backgrounds, and 9 custom avatar images for use on forums, websites, profiles, etc.
  • Added the definitions of over 160,000 of the 190,000+ words in the game’s dictionary, and allow the player to view the definition of any word that is currently spelled out, as well as automatically showing the definition after each word is submitted
  • Added mouse-over highlights to every button and clickable object in the game, except for the letter tiles in battle, since that is really nice to have on PC
  • Added the ability to disable the anonymous statistics that the game gathers, since a few players mentioned that they don’t like having that in a game (although we can tell you that they are completely anonymous, and the biggest use we have for them is actually to log when crashes happen so that we are able to fix bugs, as well as telling us which operating system and resolutions are being used, again so that if there are any problems we know where to look/how to test) – ideally we’d have a testing team, but our whole company is only two people, only one of which is full-time, so testing happens with family members, kind folks on the internet, and by us in our non-existent spare time
  • A button after battle that lets you save out a custom image of the character and weapon you were using, the monster you were fighting when you spelled it, the damage it did, all set against the bg of the area you were playing in. We wanted to add in the “post to twitter” like we have in the mobile game, but couldn’t find a nice way to implement twitter into a desktop game without being really annoying to the player, so this way players can share these images anywhere they want, or just keep them for themselves. It’s also really nice for reviewers/bloggers to show off the game with some unique images.
  • The ability to export and import your save file right from in the game. This goes along with the demo – just like the fantastic Defender’s Quest (which we give credit to for the idea!), in the Letter Quest demo you can export your save file and import it into the full game, so that you don’t have to start over if/when you buy the full game. We loved this feature of Defender’s Quest, so definitely wanted it in Letter Quest. We also allow you to export your saves from the full version on desktop for backup/archival purposes.

Whew! Is there anything else you’d like to see changed/added to the desktop version? Drop us a line and let us know!

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