Letter Quest Remastered is on Steam!

Letter Quest Remastered is now available on Steam!

We spent over 600 hours remaking Letter Quest in Unity, and can now support Windows, Mac, and Linux!

We also gave Letter Quest Remastered for free to all owners of Letter Quest on Steam – so if you own Letter Quest, check your Steam library and you should now own Letter Quest Remastered! We hope you enjoy the game!

For more details check out Letter Quest Remastered on Steam

– The Bacon Bandits


  1. Sara Maness says:

    I played Letter Quest Remastered on the Xbox 1 with my son & loves it. Apple only has Letter Quest. When will the remastered version be available for Apple/iPhone users?

    • Code Bandit says:

      There are no immediate plans to bring Letter Quest Remastered to iOS – it was a complete rewrite of the game in a new engine, so there would be a lot of work involved to bring it to iOS/Android. I might look into it someday though!

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