Click Click Dig is a free to play idle mining game that lets you dig deep into the core of several planets. Complete quests, unlock unique character skins, compete in challenges, upgrade planets - the choice is yours!


We wanted to make another game for Steam and use pixel art - an idle mining game seemed like a great choice!


  • Hire 12 diggers to mine for you!
  • Arrange your diggers for huge stat bonuses
  • Mine unique ore on each planet and refine it into useful items
  • Click to destroy obsidian and earn fossils!
  • Unlock benefactors to earn special bonuses
  • Spend tokens to upgrade entire planets!
  • Collect items to dig faster
  • Craft better items for bonuses!
  • Crack open geodes for special rewards
  • Mine for chests and collect bonus items
  • Dig to reach the core!


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About Bacon Bandit Games

Bacon Bandit Games is an independent game studio made up of two guys - Mark Smith and Jake Macher - that believe in making fun, accessible games for people of all ages. They like to make people smile, and their favorite thing to hear from players is “just one more game!”.
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Click Click Dig Credits

Mark Smith aka "codebandit"
Design, Development, Bacon Bandit Games
Soda Piggy