Bacon Bandit Games is an independent game studio made up of two guys - Mark Smith and Jake Macher - that believe in making fun, accessible games for people of all ages. They like to make people smile, and their favorite thing to hear from players is “just one more game!”.


In The Beginning

Bacon Bandit Games was founded in 2012 by Mark Smith and Jake Macher - two guys that were raised on bacon and maple syrup. They also love making games. They met while working at a game company, and haven't stopped coming up with game ideas since!

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey

After many prototypes in several different genres, the bandits decided to make a game about spelling words to defeat monsters. It was intended to be a simple game. Almost a year later it had evolved into a lengthy adventure with tons of depth.

Letter Quest Remastered

The original Letter Quest used Adobe Air with Stage3D, and as such it had some limitations, namely it did not work on Linux. So in 2015 the bandits made the decision to rewrite Letter Quest from the ground up in Unity. Seven months later, Letter Quest was completely written and became Letter Quest Remastered. The bandits also added a brand-new soundtrack, fully animated enemies and shopkeepers, Windows/Mac/Linux support, an endless mode, and a lot more! Letter Quest Remastered was given for free to all existing owners of Letter Quest on Steam.

Tap Tap Dig

In early 2016, the bandits decided that they would like to make an idle game that wasn't focused on violence. A few months later they had a prototype of Tap Tap Dig. Unfortunately other obligations (like full-time day jobs and contract work, a surgery, and more!) meant that Tap Tap Dig had to be put on the sidelines. In 2017 the bandits revisited the game and decided to finish it properly, and in late 2017 it was released on the App Store and Google Play.

Tap Tap Dig 2

In 2018 the bandits decided that they would start work on a sequel to Tap Tap Dig. Several years later, after adding many new features including items, crafting, tasks, daily rewards, quests, all new helpers, helper skins, new planets, and planet perks, they released the game on the App Store and Google Play in early 2020.

Click Click Dig

In 2024 we decided to make another game for Steam. Using Tap Tap Dig 2 as a base, we added several new features, completely overhauled the UI, changed the entire game to pixel art, and made it for Steam.



There are currently no trailers available for Bacon Bandit Games. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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