Spell words to fight your way through 40 stages in this addictive word game. Join Grimm and Rose on their amazing adventure through a world full of monsters and treasure!


Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey was conceived in March 2013 as an idea by the bandits, who thought it would be fun to make a game where the combat was handled by spelling words. After several redesigns, the bandits had a highly addictive word-puzzler on their hands! Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey started out as a game where the player spelled words to attack monsters. Then it became a roguelike for a while. It had real-time combat for quite some time. It had several different modes. Eventually the design headed towards bite-sized chunks of gameplay, which led to breaking the game up into several short stages, perfect for playing on mobile devices. The real-time combat was deemed too stressful so it became turn-based. Features were cut until only a shiny nugget of gameplay remained. The bandits had completed their first game!


  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Upgrades, books, potions, weapons, special items and more to help you on your journey
  • Leaderboards so you can compete with your friends!
  • Over 30 monsters to fight
  • Boss monsters with unique abilities
  • Keyboard support on PC/Mac
  • 70 quests to complete
  • A total of 40 stages, each playable four separate ways!
  • 52 achievements, including some pretty tricky ones!
  • Steam version features leaderboards, achievements, Steam Cloud support, and trading cards


Official Launch TrailerYouTube

Gameplay Footage - MinibossYouTube


Selected Articles

  • Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is an addictive experience that will steal hours of your gaming time without you even noticing
    Alex Carlson, 4.0/5.0,
  • You'd be silly not to check this game out, especially if you enjoy word games.
    Shaun Musgrave, 4.5/5.0,
  • It’s fast, easy to play, and all of the unlockables and challenges mean it’ll offer some quick, fun brain exercise for hours on end
    Joel Couture,
  • Spell Quest: Grimm’s Journey is this week’s iOS Game of the Week, and it’s a fun one.
    Rob LeFebvre,
  • It’s a cool, relatively stress-free take on word games, and anyone who likes pushing letter tiles around should check it out.
    Evan Killham, 5.0/5.0,
  • Spell Quest: Grimm’s Journey is a blast to play.
    Jennifer Allen, 4.0/5.0, 148Apps
  • If you’re a fan of word adventure type games, then this is a perfect addition to your collection this weekend.
    Christine Chan, 4.5/5.0,
  • there’s more than enough here to pack in several hours of family-friendly fun
    Chaz Miller, 4.0/5.0,
  • Finally a word game that ranks up with the likes of LetterPress and Puzzlejuice.
    Joachim Klaeschen, 4.5/5.0,
  • This is easily the best free-to-play game I’ve played since Jetpack Joyride.
    Fade to Slack, 5.0/5.0,
  • If you’re a fan of fun and fresh genre mashups such as Puzzle Quest, then you’ll want to enroll in this word-based side-scrolling RPG
    Casey Tschida,
  • From Bacon Bandit Games comes a charming new word game
  • I can’t help but wholeheartedly recommend Letter Quest to any and everyone.
  • I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun playing a word game.
    Colin, 10.0/10.0,
  • Create words to vanquish foes in Spell Quest.
  • In a world where the average app is uninstalled 15 minutes after it is downloaded – Spell Quest is going to be installed on my devices for a long time.
    Shane R. Monroe, 8.9/10.0, Green Robot Gamer
  • If you like word games and you like damaging scary monsters, you’ll love Spell Quest: Grimm’s Journey.
  • Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey is fun, challenging, and charming
    , 90.0/100.0,
  • It’s a casual game with no timers and like ‘Threes!’ workaholics will probably feel a bit better when procrastinating as you’re actually multitasking by learning at the same time.
    Jamie84303, 85.0/100.0,
  • You’re sure to find yourself immensely enjoying yourself for a good length of time.
    Adeline Gear,
  • This game is fantastic.
    Michael McConnell,
  • Polished, addictive and packed to the brim with content
    GAMERamble, 8.3/10.0,
  • Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is the game to get
    Vincent Paone, 9.0/10.0,
  • It is addictive and nearly impossible to put down
    Michael Klein,
  • I highly recommend it
  • The game is very well-rounded and extremely addicting
  • tried Letter Quest yesterday &amp got hooked
    Krazy Khan,
  • a fantastic game
    @Cokamouse, 10.0/10.0,
  • play the Web Demo (I tried this out and it was a lot of fun)
  • my fiancee has been playing it most weekends instead of Candy Crush
    The Gav of War,
  • Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey..has you slaying monsters left and right
  • It’s just an utter delight and it can’t be recommended highly enough.
    James Meldrum, 9.0/10.0,
  • join the hauntingly beautiful scrabble pursuit
    Capsule Computers, 8.5/10.0,
  • incredibly polished with crystal clear graphics and fun, upbeat music
    Fox Rambles, 9.0/10.0,
  • Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is definitely a very good word game
  • it's one of those games that you don't want to put down
  • Letter Quest is an awesome word game with roleplaying elements and a ton of nerd humor that I know you’re going to love
    Fade to Slack,
  • Brilliant game
    Jim Smale,
  • Intelligent, smart, beautiful
  • Letter Quest is both fun and a total steal
    Noah Clavijo,
  • I've played quite a bit of's pretty nifty
  • an excellently designed puzzle game
    Shaun Meyers, 9.0/10.0,
  • a fun game and a good way to encourage quick thinking and expand vocabulary
  • fun and exceedingly adorable
    Rebecca Armstrong,
  • an entertaining spin on the word game genre with an excellent soundtrack
    Cody Scaggs,
  • a cheery, turn-based RPG that revolves around words
    Dave Gwynne, 8.0/10.0,
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About Bacon Bandit Games

Bacon Bandit Games is an independent game studio made up of two guys - Mark Smith and Jake Macher - that believe in making fun, accessible games for people of all ages. They like to make people smile, and their favorite thing to hear from players is “just one more game!”.
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Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Credits

Mark Smith aka "codebandit"
Design, Development & Business, Bacon Bandit Games
Jake Macher aka "artbandit"
Design & Art, Bacon Bandit Games
Audio Bandit
Sound FX & Music, Freelancer