Recruit helpers to increase your digging power! Want a pirate helper? Done! How about a construction slime? Yep, got that too! Or maybe a miniature black hole is more your speed? Well, you're in luck! Speaking of luck, there's even a leprechaun to help you jig-dig your way to the center of the Earth.


Tap Tap Dig is the result of our love for idle and incremental games, and features our quirky sense of humor.


  • Unlock 12 helpers to dig for you!
  • Trigger Big Bangs to boost your digging power!
  • Hire benefactors to unlock unique bonuses
  • Unlock prospector skills and dig even faster
  • Research stat bonuses and profit!
  • Earn coins even when you're not playing
  • Enjoy cool bonuses from our unique ad reward system


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About Bacon Bandit Games

Bacon Bandit Games is an independent game studio made up of two guys - Mark Smith and Jake Macher - that believe in making fun, accessible games for people of all ages. They like to make people smile, and their favorite thing to hear from players is “just one more game!”.
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Tap Tap Dig Credits

Mark Smith aka "codebandit"
Design, Development & Business, Bacon Bandit Games
Jake Macher aka "artbandit"
Design & Art, Bacon Bandit Games