FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Tap Tap Dig

Why did my tap damage and/or DPS decrease when I bought or upgraded a benefactor?

Each fossil that you have gives you a damage bonus. Spending fossils will lower your damage, but in return will give permanent bonuses from the benefactors.

It’s up to you to decide how many fossils to spend and how many to keep. Usually it’s a good idea to only spend around 25% of the fossils that you get from a Big Bang.

I’m moving to a new device – how do I bring my save file with me?

Tap Tap Dig has cloud saves, which are enabled by default as long as you are signed in to Google Games or Game Center in the game.

On your new device, sign in with the same Google Games or Game Center user that you used on the old device. Then tap the settings icon in the top-left of the main screen in Tap Tap Dig, tap Cloud Saves, then tap Download from Cloud, and say yes – your save data will be imported.

How do I convert pending fossils to active fossils?

You need to trigger a Big Bang. You can do this when you have 25 or more pending fossils. At that point, there will be a new item added to the prospector’s list (the left-most tab at the bottom of the screen) that lets you trigger a Big Bang.

Letter Quest

I’m on Stage [#], and the game is impossibly difficult, HELP!

Have you visited the upgrades store and purchased any upgrades? If not, from the map, click the “STORE” button up on the header. The first 3 upgrades are the most important, you should definitely be buying some of each.

  • The first upgrade increases your max health, which means you can survive longer.
  • The second upgrade increases how much damage each word does.
  • The third upgrade decreases how much damage you take from monsters.

All are very important – try buying some and see if the difficulty becomes a lot more manageable!

I bought the premium content on one Apple device, how do I get it on my other devices?

If you purchase the premium content, gem doubler, or donate a dollar in Letter Quest, you will have those items on your other devices. To receive them, you must restore purchases.

Open Letter Quest on your other device, click the little options/gear icon in the bottom-left of the title screen, then click the “restore purchases” button in the bottom-right. Once you go through the prompts it presents, you will have all of your previous purchases.

Please note: the premium content shop tabs (heroes, weapons, letter tiles) are not available in the game until after you have earned the first star in stage 5. This was done to avoid the game being too overwhelming for new players. So please play that far before or after restoring your purchases, and you should see all of the premium items being available.

How do books work?

Books must be purchased before you can use them. So choose a book you like, then click the “BUY” button. If you have at least one free book slot (viewed to the right of the books for sale, with the “Equipped” word above them), the book you just bought will be automatically equipped.

Books must also be equipped for their effects to be active. So make sure your books are equipped – select a book, and click the red “EQUIP” button.

Books also receive XP (eXperience Points) for every monster you defeat. If a book gains enough XP, it will level up and it’s effect will be increased. You can also pay gems to upgrade books whenever you want!